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Proper 18, Year B

The Meaning of Life

Readings: 2 Samuel 11:26-12:13a; Psalm 51:1-13; Ephesians 4:1-16; John 6:24-35

During our Vacation Bible Schools we have a mission project. At one such event we had a guest come to receive what the children had collected. He talked about his mission to the children and then asked if they had any questions. A hand went up. “What is your question?” he asked a six year old girl.

“What is the meaning of life?” she asked him. While we tried desperately to contain ourselves, he was at a total loss for words.

It is a question that consumes us as humans. It eats at us. “What is life for?” questioned Leo Tolstoy, that famous Russian writer of the last century. “To die? To kill myself at once? No, I am afraid. To wait for death till it comes? I fear that even more. Then I must live. But what for? In order to die? And I could not escape from that circle.”

“Why was I ever born?” Job asked in the midst of his terrible suffering. His suffering had brought him t…


During the month of July I will be at my cottage. I will not be posting a sermon. Have a great summer.